adionSoft Language Learner for Android


-8 languages supported (English, Chinese, Russian, Portugese, Spanish, Dutch, German, French)
-Add your own words, look up translation powered by Google Translate -Transliteration for Chinese and Russian -Compatible with Android 2.3.3 or later


Language Learner beta
August 23, 2011 - 34 KB
Language Learner Screenshot


After starting Language Learner for the first time, a list of languages will be downloaded.
Use the menu key to select the source and destination language and press OK.
Once a new language pair is selected, the words from these language will be downloaded.
If you want to add new words, use the menu key and 'add item'
After typing the word in the native language, use menu and 'lookup' to automatically look up the word using Google Translate.
Press 'OK' to insert the word.

Learning simply involves seeing a new word, and use 'Show' to check if you knew the word.
Use the 'OK' button if you knew the word, or 'Cancel' if you didn't know.
Words that you don't know yet will be shown more often than words you already know.

Keep in mind that the application is still in a beta stage. It is possible that your word dictionary might be removed in future updates.

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